Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ok...I think I am done for the night!  I mada a belated birthday card for my good neighbor (tea pot) and I tried to use vellum in a new way for me.  I think they turned out cute.  

Sleep well....I plan on it!


Here is my first attempt at sponging ink and masking.  I cased this technique from several cards on SCS.  This set (Lovely as a Tree) is a gorgeous set.  I kept looking over it in favor of others and I am so glad I finally bought it.  Thanks to all those who posted cards that gave me inspiration.  I also matted a writing area on the inside so it could be written on.  See you later!

Here are some of the more notable creations

First Post

Good Evening!  As much of a "Techno Geek" as I am, this will be my first blog.  I have decided to open up and share myself to the world. WATCH OUT WORLD!!!  My stamping life that is.  There may be an occasional family tidbit or vice versa.  Depends on my mood.  For anyone that knows me well this means that there will be no rules to my blog.  As my 8 year old son, Alex says,"You get what you get and don't pitch a fit!"  

My Mom says that as a child I loved to color, but I just wanted to color as much as I could.  I had no regard for how it turned out.  I just wanted to  color as many pictures as possible with no attention to detail.  As an adult, I find this disturbing because anything worth doing is worth doing well.  I have even been known to put things off until I can give 150% attention to the project.  For example, holiday decorations have been left out long enough to receive a letter from the HOA because I don't have the proper color plastic bins.  Some may say that's a little bit extreme and others may send me their therapist's number.  "I yam what I yam"....a procrastinator!

My blog title is aptly named 'Stamping After Dark'.  I do most of my creative work after all the people and pets in my life are tucked soundly in bed.  Then, I stamp away the midnight oil!!  I am fairly new at this stamping thing.  I took a card class at the local craft store about  6-7 months ago.  The teacher was a nice lady from my son's school.  Since then the craft store has ceased the card classes.  My friend had to find another way to support her habit, so she became a SU! Demonstrator.  I started going to her classes and that is how the story ends.  Anything to help a friend in need.  Now I can upload my efforts (during the day) for the world to see.

So far, I have not joined any stamping or paper craft business as a demonstrator, consultant, seller, distributor or a  product hocker.  In the past I have sold many things from cosmetics to, well cosmetics.  But there were many!  My very patient and tolerant husband has made it known that this is the way he would prefer to keep things.  

So please enjoy my creative outlet as I learn to express myself with this creative endeavor.

Have a great day!